How to Clean & Remove Old Pet & Other Stains from Carpet in Warren, MI; Know Carpet Fibers, Stain & Cleaners | Avoid Hot Water, Scrubbing & More

No matter how hard you try the odds of having a stain land on your carpet is pretty likely. Especially in a home where pets, children, and people prone to clumsy tendencies are present; stains blemish carpets. There are too many variables to avoid them; food, beverages, pet accidents, grass, mud, wax, grease, oil, beauty…

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Carpet Dye Solutions for Bleach Spot Stains or Recoloring Whole Carpet in Warren, MI; Redyeing Is Alternative to Costly Replacement!

Carpet redyeing is often done when carpets have been either cleaned with the wrong cleaning solutions which faded or discolored the carpet, when bleach stains have occurred or when desiring a new color carpet. Keep in mind that even UV rays can also fade and discolor portions of the carpet. Regardless of how clean your…

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