Pumpkin Carpet Stain Removal Tips in Birmingham, MI; How to Clean & Remove Squash Stains

With Halloween just days away, many have begun engaging in traditional events and activities. For some, a favorite tradition is sitting in front of the TV and while watching their favorite Halloween movies, carving their pumpkins. However the most frightening part of these activities is the accidental pumpkin stains. While the kids are watching out…

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Saving Water Soaked & Damaged Upholstered Furniture, Couches & Recliners in Southfield, MI

After a flood occurs you will want to immediately contact a flood restoration company. In addition to saving the flooring in your home, you may want to begin working on saving your upholstered furniture. To salvage your upholstery, Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists will share basic steps and additional important information on how…

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Flood Damage Restoration in Clinton Charter Township, MI; Water Extraction, Wet Carpet Drying & More

With so many variables, not to mention when luck abandons you, the odds of experiencing water flooding in your home is highly likely. Burst pipes, malfunctioning appliances, natural causes, and so much more could cause water in large volumes to blanket your carpeting. Excessive water can damage carpet in a number of ways and if…

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