Cleaning, Stain Removal, Care & Maintenance of Upholstered Furniture & Fabric Sofas in Hamtramck, MI

Just like a car needs to be maintained so does new furniture. Performing simple maintenance on your furniture will keep it looking good and will make it last longer, making maintenance important. Your new furniture is the right shape and size and the perfect color. Without maintenance, it may only take a year for it…

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Health Risks of Prolonged Exposure to Breathing in Cat Urine Ammonia Fumes from Stained Carpet in Walled Lake, MI

Cats; who doesn’t love cats? These cuddly companions steal our hearts, beds and become a part of our families. Simply owning a cat is known to benefit your health by curbing anxiety, and lowering stress levels and blood pressure. If you have pets, at one point or another you’ve noticed a smell that leads you…

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