Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Livonia, MI; How Best to Deep Clean Wood Flooring

Hardwood floors bring natural beauty to a home and are an investment that will last for decades. With the proper care and maintenance, hardwood floors are extremely durable. Most hardwood floor owners learn that hardwood floors do require refinishing, oiling, or waxing every few years. However, many aren’t aware of the proper cleaning methods. Mr…

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Make Your Rugs Look Better! How to Restore Old Crushed & Matted Rug Pile in Center Line, MI

The desire to restore the neglected area rug happens all too often. Completely undesired and by accident, the once adored area rug becomes unsightly from neglected maintenance. Where the buildup of soil is compacted from foot traffic and not enough vacuuming along with substance spills that were not tended to and lack of professional maintenance…

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