Air Duct Cleaning FAQ in Madison Heights, MI; Is It a Waste of Money, How Often Should Air Ducts Be Cleaned & More

There are many questions that surround air duct cleaning. Many people don’t see the beneficial gain of professional air duct cleaning, where others marvel at them. But with so many questions consumers have, we at Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning, feel compelled to answer them. At this time, we have taken the opportunity to answer a handful of the frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Air Duct Cleaning FAQ

Q. Are there any real health benefits to professional air duct cleaning services?
A. The HVAC system or the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is connected by air ducts, which is typically a metal shaft. Being that air from the building passes through, it is only natural that a buildup of contaminants that can potentially affect your health, such as; mold, fungi, mildew, dust and allergen particles are accruing in air ducts. By periodically cleaning the air duct system, you remove these harmful particles.
Q. Do air ducts play a role in energy consumption?
A. Clean air ducts can run more efficiently as compacted debris will put less strain on moving HVAC parts, causing it to work more than normal and consumes more energy. The U.S. EPA research as has proven the speculation. A clean air duct can prolong HVAC system life, minimize energy consumption, and reduces the risk of repairs, and encourages smooth operation.
Q. How often should air ducts be cleaned?
A. Every 3-5 years you should get your air ducts professionally cleaned. Getting your air ducts serviced sooner rather than later determines on some factors. If the below circumstances apply to you, consider more frequent air duct cleanings.
– Frequent smoking indoors.
– Multiple pets that shed frequent hair/fur and dander.
– Recent water damage or contamination in the home or HVAC system.
– Severe allergy, asthma, or respiratory.
– Following remodel or renovations.
– Prior to moving in.
Q. Can mold growth in air ducts be harmful?
A. With consistent temperatures, moisture, and a food (dust) mold spores can grow and thrive. The air duct system flow air and a volume of dust, which feeds mold development. Air ducts are very ideal as a favorable place for mold to prosper. Mold can be a health risk; triggering allergies, and after long term exposure, induce flu-like symptoms. Mold is often introduced into the air ducts due to mold being found elsewhere and the producing spores wafting into the system.
Q. What is cleared after our of air ducts during a cleaning?
A. Climate, environmental, and residence are just the primary factors that determine what is removed from the ducts. Air ducts push the air that was once outside along with the air inside. The possibilities are endless. Most commonly pulled from air ducts include:
– Dust, Dirt, Dust Mites
– Chemical Residues
– Pollen and Allergens
– Insects, Pests, Pest Feces, and Insect Matter
– Mold Spores.
– Dead skin cells
– Pet Hair/Fur and Dander
– Pesticides
– Smoke Residue
– Cooking Particles
– Personal Care Products
– Construction Debris (Metal Shavings, Sawdust, Etc)
– Soot Residue
– Carpet Fibers,
– Pollutants
– And More

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