Busting Commercial Carpet Cleaning Myths for Your Business in Harrison Charter Township, MI

Running a business is no joke and takes a lot of effort to keep profitable. Although the business end of things is the most important, the way the commercial space is treated has a lot to do with it as well. The commercial space that you have to run your business or to have your employees at is important and needs to be in good shape. One part of the office that needs to be taken care of are the floors. The floors are an important part of the look and cleanliness of the space. You want to make sure that you do what you can to keep them clean and there are myths that come along with that. Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialist busts some myths about carpet cleaning to set the record straight.

Janitors Don’t Deep Clean Carpet

One of the ways that an office building is taken care of is they hire a janitorial service. The janitor will come in during the off hours and clean the office space. They will clean the surfaces, vacuum the floors, scrub the bathrooms and the kitchen space well. Although the office seems to look clean and the carpets are clear of debris they are not cleaned. The dust and debris that is on the floors have been removed but the stains, germs and deep down dirt is still there. This means that what could be damaging the carpet and making your office staff sick is still there. You need to make sure that you have the commercial carpets cleaned on a regular basis.

Brand New Carpet Needs Cleaning Too

Another reason that some people don’t think they need to have their carpets cleaned at their office is that the carpets are only a year old. As soon as the carpets are installed in the commercial space and used they are starting to get dirty. An office space has people tracking dirt and more onto the carpets and that means that even new carpet needs to be cleaned. You do not want to wait over a year to start to care for your carpets.

Commercial Carpets Get Lots of Stains

The carpets in your house are going to get used and abused. They have to live through toddler spills, pet urine and high traffic stains. You might be thinking that the same amount of mess that is created at home won’t happen at work. The problem is that you are still going to suffer lots of stains and spills on your commercial carpet. There are more people walking on the carpet with their shoes. Also there are coffee spills and messes from eating lunch at your desk. That is why thinking you can skip carpet cleaning at your office is just not the truth. The commercial carpets can be just as dirty or often times even dirtier than your home carpets.

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