Can Wet Carpet & Rugs be Saved After a Flood of Rain or Other Water Damage in Warren, MI?

Has your home recently experienced a flood? A flood can occur from a broken pipe line or bad weather. Regardless of what caused the flood, often rugs or carpet were drenched in water. If such an event occurs, you will experience one of two outcomes. One, the carpet or rug can be dried and treated and thus can be saved, or two, the water damage is too great and the carpet or rug will need to be replaced. Many of us are unsure as how to determine if the carpet or rug can be saved or replaced. Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists will share the determining factors on whether or not you can save your carpet or rugs.

Should Rugs Be Cleaned or Replaced After Water Damage?

Those large area rugs that have a foam backing can prove rather difficult to properly clean and would require a professional, but only if the area rug holds a lot of value or you wish to keep it for sentimental reasons. However, many rugs that are made with a foam backing are a thrifty or less costly rug. Therefore, it might be cheaper to replace it than the worry about having it professionally cleaned. If the rug doesn’t have a foam backing and it is small enough, you can simply wash it in a wash machine. However larger rugs will need to be professionally cleaned.

Mold Dangers of Wet Carpet

Carpets that were drenched in a flood and quickly drained of the water and dried can often be saved. It will require a professional cleaner and sterilization to prevent any future mold or fungal growth, but with the right efforts the carpet can be saved. However, if the water exposure was standing on the carpet for over 24 hours the carpet will need to be replaced. If the water was from sewage or sewer water, this could prove to be a major health hazard. Same goes if the water was from a storm or rain where the water could contain contaminants. Both breed harmful bacteria and mold where it would prove to be safer for all household member to replace and disinfect the entire exposed area.

Can You Clean & Dry Flooded Carpet in Basement?

Most will encourage you to replace the basement carpet or rugs that were damaged in a flood and most especially when the even occurred during the hot summer season. The reason for this is because with the basement being underground it will hold in moisture and make it more difficult to completely dry the carpet before mold or bacteria begins to set in. Even after the carpets been dried and cleaned, due to the atmosphere of the basement, it can still pose a problem for future mold growth. Additionally, the mold will begin to breed or grow in the surrounding walls, ceiling, and even the furniture if not properly treated. Later the mold spores will spread or disperse and fall onto the carpet.

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The first and major rule if you want to save your carpet or rug after a flood is to act quickly. It is best to call a water or flood damage restoration company to come and properly dry and clean the carpet or rugs. Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists can help save your carpets as long as you act quickly. Just give us a call and we will provide a quick response. Contact Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists today.

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