Carpet Dye Solutions for Bleach Spot Stains or Recoloring Whole Carpet in Warren, MI; Redyeing Is Alternative to Costly Replacement!

Carpet redyeing is often done when carpets have been either cleaned with the wrong cleaning solutions which faded or discolored the carpet, when bleach stains have occurred or when desiring a new color carpet. Keep in mind that even UV rays can also fade and discolor portions of the carpet. Regardless of how clean your carpet might be, these discolorations can make your carpet look dirty or un-kept. However there is one solution that avoids replacing your entire carpet. You can redye your carpets. This is a much cheaper solution than replacing your carpet. Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists will share the different methods of redyeing.

Carpet Dyeing VS Replacement

As mentioned, carpets can become discolored in many ways. Whether you want just a spot or small area to be blended in or the re-coloring of your entire carpet, this technique can help extend the life of your carpet. However it will depend on the condition of your carpet as to whether or not replacing versus redyeing might be better. Additionally keep in mind you can’t make dark carpet lighter. However, normally you can redye carpet in darker shades than the original color. Bleached areas can also be colored to match the rest of the carpet. There are many situations where re-dying carpet can be a life saver.

Carpet Redyeing Methods & Solutions

Bear in mind that carpet redyeing isn’t as simple as repainting a wall or re-staining wooden floors. In order to match the discolored carpet to the rest of it or even change the original color it will take a professional or specialist. There are a couple of major techniques we use to achieve the satisfactory redyeing of your carpets.
Spot Control – If you just have off color spots due to bleach or the UV rays of the sun, the specialist will redye the spot by integrating colors that will match the rest of the color of the carpet upon completion. Of course, it takes training to known how each color integrates with each other and how the dye will react with your type of carpet and its fibers.
Recoloring – For those that have a large area to redye or want to redye their entire carpeted area, keep in mind as stated before; you can only go darker in most cases and depending on your carpet and its original coloring, some colors may not work. As an example don’t expect to make a red carpet blue. Re-coloring is used when you want to change the entire appearance of your carpet.

Carpet Dyes Safe for People & Pets

There are safety application that the carpet specialist will utilize as well. For example there are safer dyes that should be used when children and pets are in the home. Make sure to ask your carpet specialist about the safer dyes. However these safer dyes may seem more pricey, but it is well worth the safety of your children, loved ones, and pets.

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