Common Stains Best Left to Professional Steam Carpet Cleaners in St. Clair Shores, MI

Preserving the carpets appearance and overall condition for its projected life expectancy can prove to be a challenge, especially with little ones in the home. Avoiding stains is like avoiding the common cold, nearly impossible even with the strictest of rules. But when they do happen, quick attention with the appropriate methods can remove many stains that befall carpets, but there are some fresh or old stains that are better left to a professional for removal. Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists would like to take the opportunity to discuss the most common of stains that are more effectively removed by the experts.

Cleaning Common Carpet Stains

Mark and Ink Stains: When marker or ink hits the carpet, whether it is because they broke
And bled all over the place, or the kids thought the carpet was a blank canvas, these stains are frustrating to say the least and restoring the carpet back to its original state may seem hopeless. But thanks to professional carpet cleaning services; there training and experience can produce the techniques and with quality products and equipment the carpets can achieve the desired results.
Pet Stains: Pet stains are tough to not only remove the stains, but the odors as well. Their urine especially will penetrate deep into the fibers and into the carpet padding. If you are lucky enough to attend an isolated incident before it dries into the carpet, your attempts at removal can be successful, however, the pet that has frequent accidents or the accident that has had an opportunity to set into the carpet can prove to be a challenge to remove. With enzyme enriched cleaners and powerful extraction equipment, the carpet care specialists can apply their expertise and remove the pet stain and odors on the surface as well as the stains that lie below.
Red Wine and Juice Stains: Juice and red wine liquids have penetrable dyes in their concoction. If immediately treated, homeowners might have success removing this particular stain, but like so many others, the longer it sits, the more difficult it becomes to remove. As the wine or juice dries into the fibers, the chances of removing it on your own dwindle. Professionals are able to effectively remove these stubborn stains with choice products and quality equipment.
Coffee Stains: Coffee stains are among the obnoxious and most challenging to remove. Not only are these stains a real eye sore, but the smelly odors, especially if milk was added to the coffee, is one of the worst stains to befall carpet. Again, if you quickly respond to the stain, you might have success removing it, but coffee is tough and the longer it sits, the harder it becomes. Evolving into a yellowish brown color, folks feel they are making progress, but that is usually as far as it comes. When the products and attempts at getting the coffee stain become unfruitful, professional services can get that stain out quickly and efficiently.
Blood Stains: Blood is one of the stains that sets in because generally, the first thing people do is tend to the wound that caused the bleeding first, but in any case, the blood stains are a challenge. With hydrogen peroxide and similar products, you might be able to remove the blood, but often cause the carpets to permanently lighten. Instead of risking the integrity of your carpet, call in professional services to remove the blood stains.

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If you have any of these stains or others that do not seem to dissolve no matter what you try, call in the specialists of Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists and let our experts clean your carpets and remove stubborn stains.

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