History of the Vacuum Cleaner Timeline; First Motorized to Dual Cyclonic Carpet Cleaning Machines

We have discussed a lot of great carpet cleaning techniques and hacks in recent weeks. The vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools in households with carpet. There is no other effective way to remove dirt and other contaminants than that of a vacuum. So, in honor of the device that helps to save us time and man power, Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists thought we would go over the history of how the vacuum cleaner even came to be!

How Did They Clean Carpets Before Vacuum Cleaners?

During the Industrial Revolution back in the mid 1800’s, the world saw a boom in the production of manufactured items that left a big mess to be cleaned. During this time a scientist by the name of Louis Pasteur made the discovery of the “germ theory” which was when the world realized germs were making people ill. This led way for people to yearn for a cleaner way of living in the easiest possible way. In 1869 an inventor by the name of Ives McGaffey created a machine that had the ability to create suction with the help of a hand pump, he patented his design and he named it “Whirlwind”. This machine had the ability to clean rugs, but most people were turned off by the idea because it was pricey, big and heavy. As the years passed, people tried to perfect the idea of an efficient way to clean rugs and carpets with ease.

Who Invented the Vacuum Cleaner?

In 1901 Hubert Cecil Booth of London created and patented the first motorized vacuum cleaner. This machine ran on petrol and required a horse and carriage to get it from place to place due to its large motor. This incredible machine had long bulky hoses that had to be fed through the windows or doors of homes and businesses in order to clean them. As time went on, various people attempted to perfect Mr. Booth’s invention by coming up with variations of the idea and putting their own swing on it. An American inventor by the name of Corrine Dufour introduced a machine that sucked dirt into a wet sponge. This failed in time and people complained that these devices were noisy, stinky and too bulky.

Hoover Upright & Canister Vacuums

Then something magical happened. Mr. William Hoover created the first commercial grade bag-on-stick upright vacuum cleaner in 1926. He made minor adjustments as time went on, including the addition of a metal beater bar which tremendously helped the performance of the machine. This invention was efficient at picking up more dirt than ever before! By the 1930’s plastic vacuum cleaners made their way onto the scene, this provided a much lighter, less bulky option for patrons that was easier to maneuver about. Then in 1952 Mr. Hoover’s company presented the first canister style vacuum cleaner called the Constellation. With this vacuum, people were able to place the canister in the middle of the room and work around it. This was much easier for people to operate.

Whirlpool Upright Vacuum Cleaners

In the early 1960’s, David Oreck designed a powerful, lightweight upright vacuum cleaner that worked perfect for the hotel industry. At first, he only sold this vacuum commercially, but after a high demand he decided to let it go public. In a short time, he then collaborated with Whirlpool and had the opportunity to redesign other Whirlpool upright vacuum cleaners.

Dual Cyclonic Bagless Vacuums

Then came Mr. James Dyson. In only 15 years, between 1978-1993 Mr. Dyson built more than 5,000 prototypes before he came up with the perfect design. Dual Cyclone Machines changed the game for vacuum cleaners forever. This was the first bagless vacuum cleaner and it worked better than all that had preceded it. By 2001 Dyson dominated the industry with 59% of the entire market by value!

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Vacuum cleaners today are remarkable machines. There are uprights, canisters, stick vacuums, central vacs, shop vacs and more. The sky is the limit, don’t you feel fortunate to live in a world with so much technology? Cleaning carpets has never been easier! Coupled with yearly steam cleaning by Mr. Madison’s Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Specialists, you can keep your carpets looking brand new with little effort! Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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