How Do You Get Infestations of Insects, Bugs & Beetles Out of Your Carpet in Wixom, MI?

Most homeowners are concerned with the appearance of their carpets and how to battle stains and odors. However, have you ever considered what else may be living inside your carpet? Carpets are prone to pest infestations. Many pests live in carpet for different reasons. Dust mites live in carpet because of all the dead skin and hair that falls and gets trapped in the carpet fiber. There are also carpet beetles and moth larva that actually feed on the carpet fiber, causing bald patches or thinned out patches in your carpet. Carpet care includes vacuuming, cleaning, deodorizing, and pest prevention. Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists would like to share a few ways you can prevent pests from infesting and damaging your carpets.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

One of the most effective ways to prevent pests from invading your home and your carpet is by having your carpets professionally cleaned. Carpet cleaning specialists, using industrial grade cleaning solvents, clean the carpet which very few life forms can withstand. The carpets are cleaned with strong solvents that penetrate deep into the carpet fiber. After the solvents have had time to work, the technician will clean and remove stains, dirt and kill most pests. They have strong suction vacuums that can remove more of the pests inside the carpet than regular vacuum cleaners. To keep pests in check, it is recommended you have carpets professionally cleaned once to twice a year.

Should I Vacuum Every Day?

Carpet should be vacuumed weekly, and depending on your surrounding environment, twice a week may be needed. For areas with a lot of dust or those with large families and pets, carpets are exposed to more dirt and debris which requires more frequent cleaning. Vacuuming can reduce the amount of dust, hair and skin flakes from settling inside the carpet. For dust mites, carpets can be their primary food source. This causes a major population to spread. Reducing their food source will help reduce a dust mite population. In turn, this can help improve your home’s indoor air quality. If carpet beetles or other fiber eating pests invade your carpet, regular vacuuming can remove them and their eggs, which prevent a major population or infestations and save your carpet from bald spots.

Treat Carpet Pests

If you have identified a carpet pest problem in your home you can treat your carpet and kill the pests by using Boric acid. Boric acid is a well known pest control product that can be used on carpets. Start by sprinkling the Boric acid on the carpet. Make sure to completely cover the entire carpet and allow the Boric acid to set on the carpet for two hours. During this two hour period, it will kill all of the pests hiding inside the carpet. After the two hours is up, thoroughly vacuum the carpet and remove all of the Boric acid. Make sure to vacuum in multiple directions. This is a proper vacuuming technique that can remove more debris and dirt in the carpet. You will want to make sure you remove as much of the Boric acid as possible.

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