How Do You Get Rock Salt & Ice Melt Stains Out of Commercial Carpet in Wixom, MI?

When the winter weather hits many parts of the country prepare for a wintery mix of snow and ice. Unfortunately, rock salt and other ice melt products used to prepare sidewalks can wreak havoc on your commercial carpets leaving behind the tell-tale white stains and matted down areas synonymous with salt damage. If you own your own business and you are surviving a Michigan winter, you probably already know that trying to prevent these stains from occurring is easier said than done. However, according to the knowledgeable experts at Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists it is possible to improve the appearance and extend the life of your commercial carpets regardless of the weather.

Rock Salt & Ice Melt Chemical Formula

Rock salt and other products used to melt ice and snow contain a mixture of compounds which often include sodium chloride, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Contrary to what many people believe, these chemicals are not acidic; instead they are alkaline with a pH balance that ranges from 7-11. When the ice and snow melts, the resulting moisture will eventually evaporate leaving behind a white chalky residue that no amount of cleaning with traditional carpet cleaners will remove. Why? Because the majority of carpets cleaning solutions have high alkaline pH levels so instead of neutralizing the stain it will set the stain deep into the carpet fibers leaving behind a white filmy residue that will become very apparent when the area dries.

How to Keep Entryway & Floors Clean During Winter

Prevention is definitely better than the cure when it comes to minimizing the risk of salt stains from forming on your commercial carpets.
– Begin by making sure that your walkways are clear of snow and slush by sweeping them out on a regular basis. Clearing your walkways will help control the amount of moisture that is being tracked onto your carpets along with reducing the amount of rock salt begin carried in on your patrons shoes.
– Take the time to vacuum on a regular basis to make sure that you are removing any buildup of salt and dirt from your carpets. Salt and ice melt products are very abrasive and can cause permanent damage to the carpet fibers.
– Use commercial floor mats near entrances, inside and outside to help protect your carpets and hang a sign that encourages employees and guests to wipe their feet before they enter the building. Use runners along heavy traffic areas as added protection.

How to Remove Rock Salt & Ice Melt Out of Carpet

Instead of reaching for a traditional carpet cleaning product, consider a professional carpet cleaning company instead. The experts at Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists can clean your carpets to perfection using specialized cleaning equipment and solutions that are designed to remove all traces of debris and salt residue to preserve the appearance and lifespan of your commercial carpets.

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