How to Clean & Remove Old Pet & Other Stains from Carpet in Warren, MI; Know Carpet Fibers, Stain & Cleaners | Avoid Hot Water, Scrubbing & More

No matter how hard you try the odds of having a stain land on your carpet is pretty likely. Especially in a home where pets, children, and people prone to clumsy tendencies are present; stains blemish carpets. There are too many variables to avoid them; food, beverages, pet accidents, grass, mud, wax, grease, oil, beauty products, crafting paraphernalia, and a multitude of other influences can tarnish the carpet with hard to remove marks. When attempting to treat these spots and stains, there are some things you should know before you dive into the task. We at Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Specialists would like to expound on what you should know when dealing with carpet stains.

How to Clean & Remove Old Pet & Other Stains from Carpet

1) Knowing what your carpet fibers are made of is optimal. Carpet fibers can be manufactured from organic or natural materials, where others are derived of synthetic materials. Some types of carpet need to avoid certain chemical components, otherwise damage to the carpet can occur and the stain may not even come out.
2) Knowing what the stains are is helpful. It may not always be applicable, but cleaning spots as they occur can help you remove the stain, knowing what it is.
3) When treating carpet stains, avoid using hot water. Similarly to applying heat, hot water or intense heated dryer to laundry stains, the hot element will often set the stain in, making it impossible, or a challenge at the least, to remove. Removing wax is one of the exceptions to this guideline. To remove wax; place a warm clothes iron over paper to draw the wax up, do avoid the highest setting to prevent the fibers from charring.
4) Perform a test patch. No matter if your preference is to use commercially formulated carpet cleaning products or home remedy mixtures, always test the stain remover in an inconspicuous area to ensure the fibers integrity or color is not compromised. Some chemical agents have the potential to break down the fibers, alter the composition, and permanently lighten the color of your carpet.
5) Avoid scrubbing & rubbing. Natural instinct and emotional effects often encourage us to apply force while scrubbing the stain out. When carpet stains are treated with pressurized rubbing and scrubbing motions, the stain can spread out and/or get pushed deeper into the fibers instead of being pulled up. Opt instead by blotting the stains wild mild to medium pressure.
6) Clean stains immediately. Not only does tending to the spots allow you to remember what the stain is, but getting to it immediately makes removal easier and more efficient. The longer the stains set, the harder they become to remove.
7) Treat stains from outward in. In addition to blotting, it is best to treat stains from the outside towards the center. This will help you localize the stain and make removal more effective.

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