How to Detect Mold in Carpet After Water Damage in Center Line, MI; Musty Smells & More

Mold in any form can be a real pain for homeowners. When it starts to grow, it spreads quickly, is unsightly, smelly and in some cases harmful to our health. Moisture and humidity are the main causes of mold growth, but mold also needs oxygen, warmth and darkness to continue to grow and spread. All of these elements combined equal a recipe for disaster for any homeowner. Homes and areas within the home that are not well ventilated are especially at risks. Bathrooms and basement which often get little ventilation are some of the most common areas where mold will grow, but if given the right circumstances, mold will grow anywhere. Mold in carpets can be more difficult to detect because it can start to grow on the cement beneath the carpeting first. As a homeowner it is wise to know the signs to look for when determining whether or not you may have a mold problem in your carpets. Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists will share these warning signs with you today.

Signs of Mold Growth in Carpet

House Smells Musty – Perhaps one of the most obvious signs that you have mold in your carpets is a musty smell coming from your carpets. Mold has a very distinct odor that sets itself apart from other unappealing scents. When you spend enough time in a certain space, you become used to the odor in that space and almost won’t notice it anymore. However, pay particular attention when coming back in from the outside or being gone for a prolonged period of time. Also, if guests happen to mention a musty odor it probably means you’ve become used to it and should check it out.
Unexplained Stains on Carpet – This is another obvious sign that you have mold in your carpets. Black, white or various shades of green stains are a sign that mold growth is in the latter stages of its development and the mold colony is thriving. If you notice discoloration on your carpet popping up that are any of these colors, it’s time to call in a professional who can assess whether the carpet can be saved.
Carpet that Won’t Dry & Stays Wet – Excess humidity, floods, leaky pipes, roof leaks, condensation and poor ventilation are the perfect storms for mold growth. Basements are especially susceptible to these unfortunate circumstances. If water has breached your home and has the opportunity to sit, it will cause mold. Even if there is no standing water and just the carpets are damp, you are almost guaranteed to have mold growth. Calling a professional carpet cleaning company can save your floors by extracting any water left behind and drying out the carpet and padding before permanent damage is done.

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If you have further questions about possible mold growth in your carpets or need to have your home inspected and carpets restored, call Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists. We will use our powerful truck mounted equipment to extract any water and moisture in your carpets while applying safe, efficient cleaning methods to disinfect your carpets with steam followed by completely drying them out with commercial air movers. We use safe and effective cleaning practices to remove mold and restore your carpets. Give us a call today!

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