How to Neutralize Old Urine Smells & Get Dried Pee Stains Out of Carpet in Utica, MI

Throughout the world people bring pets into their home. According to a study done in 2017 by the American Pet Products Association over 85 million families in the United States owned a pet. That is about 68% of households in the United States. Are you one of these households? If so you probably have wondered what the best way to get pet urine out of your carpet is.

Why Are Urine Stains So Hard to Remove?

There is actually a reason why dog urine in particular can be so hard to get rid of. Their urine is a biological mix of natural stain and odor problems. When they pee dogs release a stream of hormones, bacteria, ammonia, and uric acid. If you try and use an ammonia based cleaner on pet urine stains it will make the stain more visible and increase the odor. Just this simple fact can help you see what you are doing wrong. If you are using an ammonia based cleaning product you are simply making the problem worse. The very best thing that you can do for yourself is make sure that you clean the urine as soon as you see it. If you can catch it right away you have the best chance at getting the stain and odor out. The longer that the urine sits on your carpet the harder it will be to get rid of it.

How to Remove Dog Urine Stains & Odors

If your pet pees on our carpet there are a few different things that you can try to get rid of the stain and the smell. One of the most popular homemade dog urine removers takes rubbing alcohol and vinegar. If you have some essential oils that helps as well. You will want to mix one part rubbing alcohol to one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mixture. The essential oil is not critical for this method. Spray the solution on the stained area of your carpet and let it sit there for 15 minutes. Then take a clean white cloth and blot the area. Be careful not to rub the carpet as that will simply push the stain further into the carpet. When you have the stain out of your carpet take an additional clean white cloth, dampen it with water, and use it to blot the spot to get the rubbing alcohol and vinegar out of your carpet.

How Else Can I Get Urine Stains & Odors Out of Carpet

Another homemade solution to try uses liquid dishwashing detergent. The first step in this method is to blot the stain with a clean towel if it is still wet. Paper towels are also a good option. Then you want to mix one quarter teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with one cup of warm water. Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Next spray it directly onto the urine stain. Allow the solution to sit for about 5 minutes. Then use a clean towel or paper towels and blot the stained area until it is clean. Repeat this as many times as necessary.

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We hope that one of these methods gets rid of your pet urine stain. If not there are many different products available at your local grocery store or pet store that should help you too. Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialist also recommends that if you have pets you regularly have your carpets cleaned. You may want to consider doing it every three months. Give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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