How to Remove Holiday Carpet Stains in Ypsilanti, MI; Cider Spills, Eggnog, Red Wine & More

With the holidays around the corner, people will frequently host formal events, side parties and gatherings to bring family, friends, and colleagues together for various affairs. But with each get together, your carpet is susceptible to spills, resulting in stains. In an effort to help you be better prepared for the oncoming holidays, we at Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Specialists have compiled some steps and tips on how to clean up the most common holiday beverage stains.

General Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Before we get into the stain removal guide, remember some important notes when tending to any stain. Never use hot water to clean off the spots; it will only help the stain to set into the fibers. No matter if you use DIY remedies or approved department store cleaners, never skip the patch test. Always use plain towels, rags, cloths, and paper towels to treat spots because the dyes from them can be transferred onto carpets.

How to Remove Cider Spills from Carpet

1) With paper towels or a dry cloth, immediately blot the excess moisture.
2) Mix well 1 tbsp ammonia and 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle.
3) Lightly mist the spot with your formula and with a damp cloth, blot the exterior, working towards the center.
4) In addition to blotting, agitate the cider up by gently using circular patterns to pat the area.
5) With warm water and a damp cloth, rinse the cleaner from the spot.
6) Use a clean towel to dry the remaining moisture.

How to Get Eggnog Out of Carpet

1) Use a spoon to scoop up the bulk of the substance and then utilize paper towels to blot the remaining liquid.
2) In a squirt bottle, combine ΒΌ tsp liquid dish soap in 2 cups warm water.
3) Lightly apply to the area and blot the stain, be sure to blot well in between applications to avoid over saturation.
4) Follow up with a cool water rinse and blotting, do not over saturate.
5) If any eggnog residue remains, mix together 1 cup white vinegar and 2 cups warm water, and gently work the solution thoroughly.
6) Rinse with warm water.
7) Using a clean and dry towel to blot the area dry.

How to Remove Hot Cocoa Powder & Drink Out of Carpets

1) With paper towels or a clean dry cloth, pat up excess liquid.
2) Combine 1 tbsp dish soap liquid, with 2 cups warm water in a squirt bottle and ensure it is mixed well.
3) Apply lightly to the inflicted area.
4) Blot until all liquid is thoroughly sopped up and repeat as necessary.
5) Allow remaining moisture to air dry.

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

1) Using paper towels, immediately blot the moisture and continue to blot until the liquid has stopped absorbing into the paper towels.
2) Sprinkle just a few ounces of cool water directly over the blemished area, and blot again.
3) Mix together 1 tbsp liquid dish soap, 1 tbsp white vinegar, and 2 cups of warm water in a water bottle and combine well.
4) Soak clean cloth with the mixture to carefully dab the remaining stain. Pat the area with a dry cloth in between treatments to keep moisture contained.
5) Rinse the area with cool water, and blot dry with a dry cloth.

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