How to Strip, Clean, Apply Wax Sealer Finish & Polish VCT Flooring in Northville, MI

Vinyl Composite tile floors are a great choice especially for a commercial location. You can find this kind of flooring in many convenience stores, super shopping centers, schools and medical facilities to name a few. VCT floors are a very durable option and as long as they are taken care of can last for a very long time. One of the processes that needs to take place to take care of the VCT floors is to have them periodically stripped and waxed. When the floor has a high amount of traffic they can start to take on a large amount of discoloration and dirt. It is not actually the tile that is getting dirty but rather the top layer of wax that is being stained by all the spills and foot traffic. VCT strip and wax does not replace a regularly scheduled cleaning, but is something that needs to be done at least two times a year, or more often if necessary. Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists can come out and take care of your VCT Strip and wax and set you up for a regular cleaning schedule. But how does it work?

Instructions for Stripping, Cleaning & Waxing VCT Floors

VCT Stripping Machine: When the vinyl composite tile is starting to look grungy is can be that the wax that is already on the tile has taken on a lot of dirt and grime and cannot be cleaned by a simple tile cleaning. The first step is to move any items that are on the flooring including shelves or tables. Then the professional cleaning company will come in and strip all the wax off the floor and take it down to the original vinyl. This can enable you to keep the tile longer and not have to replace it as often. Once the floor is stripped down to the vinyl the next step is ready to take place.
Clean Stained VCT Flooring. It is important at this stage to clean the VCT well as wax will seal in any existing stains, dirt or debris onto the surface of the vinyl tiles. The floors must be scrubbed, rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry thoroughly.
VCT Floor Wax Sealer: When the floor is bare and clean of stains etc, it needs to be re-waxed. The wax is what allows the floor to be cleaned on a regular basis without harming the actual tile. It is also what makes it so that the dirt can be removed by stripping and preparing it to have a fresh coat of wax added. The wax is added to the floor in layers and given time to dry. This can restore the floors as close to the original look as possible without having to replace it.

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