Leather Furniture Myths & Care Tips in Plymouth, MI; Sofas Can Be Pet Friendly & More!

There are a lot of myths or misconceptions about leather furniture. It is important to put some of these myths to rest to help the furniture’s owners learn how to properly care for and clean leather upholstery or furniture. Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists would like to share some of these common myths, the truth behind the myths, and how to properly care for your leather furniture.

Leather Furniture Myths

Leather Furniture Won’t Last – This isn’t true. The nature of leather is that it is natural and ages quite well. In fact the older the leather, the more beautiful it becomes. With proper care it can last the entire lifetime of a person. This make leather a well earned investment.
Leather Furniture is Only for the Wealthy – Many people feel like leather furniture is only affordable by the rich, which again isn’t true. Yes, leather–at first glance–may seem pricier, but consider the fact that fabric furniture wears out over time. Leather remains strong with proper care. Know that if you take proper care of the leather, leather furniture will be the last piece of furniture you will ever buy.
Leather is Too Difficult to Take Care of – Leather does have a few rules. There are those do’ and don’ts, but in general, leather furniture is easily cleaned and is easy to take care of. Wipe away spills as they occur and about every six months, use leather conditioning wipes to condition the leather. You do need to avoid certain solvents.
Never Get Leather if You have Pets or Kids – Cats: maybe some cats will use furniture as a scratching post, however most don’t like the feel of leather and will leave it alone. Same goes for dogs. In most cases, dogs leave the leather furniture alone. Kids do make spills. However leather doesn’t absorb liquids like fabric and if you wipe the spill away quickly, there is no harm to the leather.

Leather Furniture Care Tips

– Regularly dust the surface with a dry cloth or a super soft bristled vacuum attachment. Don’t forget to clean under the cushions as well.
– Only use a leather conditioner that is designed for leather. Don’t ever use water or any other chemical that is not approved to wash or clean leather.
– Avoid having your leather furniture sitting in the direct sunlight. The rays can dry the leather out and even cause the leather to fade.
– When spills occur wipe them up with a dry cloth to remove all of the moisture. Then use the leather cleaning wipes to swipe the leather clean. Never use hot water if you need to wash a stain off. If a stain does occur you can use water to wash the stain, but don’t use any other cleaning agents including dish soap or vinegar.
– For serious stains, use a professional upholstery cleaner that provides leather cleaning services.

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By keeping your leather clean and conditioned about every 6 to even 12 months it will last for years to come and perhaps even an entire lifetime. If you need help caring for and cleaning your home’s leather upholstery, contact Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists today!

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