Professional Drapery Cleaning

At Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists, we offer a myriad of cleaning and restoration services. In addition to our steam cleaning of carpets, rugs, upholstery and tile for instance, we also offer drapery cleaning. We understand how much consideration, time and money you have invested in selecting the perfect draperies to adorn the windows in your home or office. You can trust us to keep your drapery looking and smelling fresh and clean.

Residential & Commercial Drapery Cleaners

Drapes are different from sheer curtains and require specialty care. Drapes are made of heavyweight fabric and are most often lined. They are a more formal choice of window treatments and hang from top of window to bottom and often even down to the floor. Drapes don’t just look good; they are functional too! Drapes block out light, noise heat and cold as well as prying eyes! Cleaning drapes is often overlooked but their fibers accumulate a lot of dirt, dust, insects, mold and dander that can exacerbate allergies and other respiratory problems. In addition when drapes are touched, natural oils in the skin can transfer to your drapes which attracts even more dust and dirt. Our drapery cleaners are trained in our steam cleaning process to remove these contaminants and pollutants as well as smoke and other odors that tend to linger on drapery.

DIY Drapery Cleaning is Not Recommended

Attempting DIY drapery cleaning is not a good idea. The typical homeowner may try to whack or beat their drapes outside which can damage them or at the very least not clean them properly. It may even attract more dirt. Using a home vacuum might seem like a viable option but it isn’t! Vacuums are unpredictable when vacuuming unsecured items and they can suck up too much fabric and easily damage your drapes as well as burn up vacuum belts in the process.

Professional Drapery Cleaning & More in Warren, Madison Heights, Livonia & Detroit, MI | Tri County Area of Wayne, Macomb & Oakland Counties Michigan

At Mr Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists, our professional drapery cleaning services use steam cleaning equipment that far exceeds the ability of home vacuums to clean drapes. We understand that open weaves tend to snag and that trim and other decorative embellishments are often fragile and require extra care. We clean your drapery as if they were our own! Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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