Protect Carpets from Holiday Spills & Stains in Livonia, MI & Tips for Cleaning Heavily Soiled Carpet

With only a few short weeks of the holiday season, the anticipation and excitement is building up. There are many who opt to do many hobbies during this time of year to enrich the home with holiday spirit, to gift family and friends, as well as keep the kids busy. Wrapping, baking, and crafting are just a few examples of the activities buzzing around the homestead. Some opt to get their carpets professionally cleaned before the family and friends stop in for the various holiday events and others are simply protective of their carpets. In any case, avoiding stains is optimal. With that in mind, we at Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists would like to list some tips and suggestions that can better protect your carpets from getting any unsightly stains.

Preventing & Cleaning Carpet Spills & Stains

1) Keep Kids Crafts Off of Carpet. The holidays are concentrated doses of energy and excitement for many kids. As a result, parents will help kids express their enthusiasm and keep their fingers busy creating the different holiday oriented projects. While you are hard at work bringing the details of the holidays together, the little ones can be hard at work with art, baking, gingerbread houses, and other craft projects. Many of these tasks include using a lot paraphernalia that include stain-causing agents. To avoid contact on your carpets, contain the activity center to hard floor surfaces. Be sure to easily wipe up any spills as they occur and the blunders will be kept away from the carpets.
2) Clean Fireplace. For those that have a wood-burning fireplace and have a tendency to utilize it, be sure you clean them out after every use. Embers, ash, and soot can easily find their way to carpets as the debris cascades in the air and settles on the carpets.
3) Use Welcome Entry Mats. “Welcome” mats help contain the soil and moisture from being tracked into your home and onto the carpets. If you have in one place, be sure to clean it periodically. If you do not, consider getting a welcome mat. To keep up with the holiday décor, you can easily find a Christmas themed mat that will collect the majority of the grit and grime and any moisture that might have accumulated.
4) No Shoes on Carpets. To further protect your carpets from the residues built up on the bottom of shoes, have everyone kick off their shoes at the door. To help people feel more comfortable and homey have “Christmas Socks” oriented parties and gatherings to drive home the no shoe policy on the carpets.
5) Avoid Red Wine & Dark Beverages. Most holiday celebrations are served with refreshments and merriment comes in many forms during the holiday season. Darker drinks; soda, red wines, and hot chocolates for example are bound to find their way onto the carpets. Instead, offer white wine and clear beverages such as sparkling cider, champagnes, and other liquor. If they make contact with the carpets, they are a lot easier to treat.
6) Pet Shampoos & Haircut. Our beloved pets are an extension of the family and their presence can make the festivities feel complete. But our adoring pets often continually shed hair/fur which will get everywhere from upholstery to carpets, and even guests. Where they do not cause stains, the hair buildup can mar the overall look of your carpets. To avoid the mess, opt to get your pets a shampoo and a cut as well as their nails trimmed.

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