When to Refinish Hardwood Floors in South Lyon, MI; Discolored, Scratched, Stained & More

Hardwood floors are very versatile. With so many styles, types, colors, and design installation options, hardwood floors are common in homes and businesses alike. This flooring option is a great choice with its durability, easy daily maintenance for those who are diligent, and the increase in home value among a host of other benefits. A part of the maintenance, however, is that as the wood floor ages or is inflicted with damage, it will need to be refinished. Refinishing involves a comprehensive sanding process, possible minimal repairs, and an application of the finish accordingly. This procedure should be done by an experienced professional to ensure it is done correctly. Sanding incorrectly, for example, can cause serious damage that would result in replacing the damaged planks, or possibly, the whole floor. Unfortunately, most people do not know notice when their hardwood floors are in need of refinishing. This is why we at Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists would like to list the common signs your hardwood floor needs refinishing services from our team of specialists.

Discolored, Faded, Stained & Yellowing Hardwood Floors

Discoloration or staining is a major indicator of hardwood floors that need refinishing services. Fading or dullness are typically caused from moisture direct sunlight exposure. Substance stains that are not removed through other methods will also need to be remedied through the refinishing. If the wood floors are affected from direct sunlight, be sure to incorporate window treatments and area rugs to protect the fresh finish. In the event the discoloration is due to moisture exposure, ensure the moisture problem is repaired to prevent future problems and more severe damage.

Hardwood Floor Scratches & Gouges

Scratches and nicks, along with wear from high-traffic areas are not always noticeable at first glances. Sometimes you can only see them in certain lighting, or others are plainly obvious. The finish will naturally wear with regular foot traffic or even if you use too harsh of chemicals to clean the surface. To repair these flaws, refinishing these surfaces is the only option. The sanding will even out the scratches, remove the old finish, and a fresh coat of finish will be reapplied to restore the wood floors. Leaving the scratches or the wood floor without any finish caused from wear or damage leave it susceptible to other damage as well. Getting hardwood refinished is important to preserve your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Cupping & Curling

Any floorboards that are curled or bending need more than refinishing. Refinishing these planks with such damage will leave the floor looking poorly and the damage will continue to worsen. If any of these inflictions are present, the floorboards will need to be replaced. Where you can theoretically finish these replacement boards to match the rest of the floor, they fresh coat will stand out. When replacing the floorboards, it is best to refinish the floor to ensure it is even and looks great.

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In some occasions the wood floor simply looks dull and has lost the luster. More often than not, this is a mere indication your hardwood floors need a deep cleaning with an approved wood cleaner that also buffs and shines the surface. If your hardwood floor is in need of refinishing, call the experts of Mr. Madison Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery Specialists and let our team of specialists take care of your wood floor refinishing efficiently.

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